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We have a single mission in this company which is to provide the most helpful information on reverse osmosis systems and water filters. We take it as a duty to make a thorough and detailed research on RO systems and water filters to ensure that all our visitors make the right choice when buying.

With the many models of reverse osmosis systems and water filters in the market today and the increasing concern over the safety of our drinking water, it can be very easy to get confused about which system is the best to ensure the safety and purity of the water we use.

Reverse osmosis system has become a more acceptable way of water filtration. It operates by passing water through a semi-permeable membrane which is small enough to allow small water molecules pass through and at the same time get rid of larger molecules. There are several stages of filtration that water passes through to bring out the purest water through the faucet.

Having been embraced by many, the system has also evolved into many models. Although the operational function and appearance of many RO system are the same, yet there are features that differentiates them from each other which are mainly the filters and membranes.

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